Reducing your digital carbon footprint



The problem

Organisations are already taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint, such as generating renewable energy through solar panels, banning excessive plastic packaging, purchasing electric vehicles and making home working mandatory. 
Yet sustainable IT is barely considered. And there is still enormous room for improvement. 

While tech solutions can help solve environmental issues, IT has a significant carbon footprint itself.

Companies say they have defined an enterprise wide sustainability strategy, however there's no focus on sustainable IT strategy.

Why is that?
Organisations are convinced that a sustainable IT solution is hard to implement and that the return on investment is too low...

Doel power plant

ARYX can help companies become more aware of their IT carbon footprint 

ARYX Solutions

Key drivers

Because IT plays a big part of organisations greenhouse gas emissions.

ARYX can help you to reach the environment goals by organising your IT differently. 

This enables: 

  • You to lower your Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
  • Your IT to support Climate Change 
  • Your IT to smarten your business



Your energy costs by:

- increasing your datacenter efficiency

- implementing energy efficient solutions

- moving to a 100% renewable energy environment 


Your performance by: 

- using state of the art software defined solutions

- spread the workload of your compute power

- move to a private and 100% green cloud environment


Your business by: 

- Implementing future proof solutions

- Drive scalability and energy efficiency

- Fast delivery and implementation of your next generation IT