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ARYX designs future proof solutions and provides your business with excellent services.

About ARYX

ARYX is a team of experienced IT professionals, each with a unique set of skills ranging from Datacenter, Networking, Storage, Compute to Cybersecurity.  We design solutions for tomorrow that are better integrated while making sure your data is secure.

We believe in designing differently without compromising on customer excellence or limiting capabilities. Our team is devoted to bring you the best-in-class user experience. At ARYX we get the message (RX).

And when we say ‘We get the message’ we really do mean that. We listen before we speak. We think before we act.

About ARYX
ARYX Solutions


We take our customers on a journey to discover there’s more than just the “regular” solution for their IT-environments. We are able to provide our clients a better option.

An option that will take them to new heights and insights on their IT-infrastructure. We are able to provide this option with an offering of strategic partnerships with innovative players in our industry.


We know and experienced at first hand that a high service level is key for our customers. We deliver services that bring back the personal touch to our clients' needs. Our Service Desk is located in Antwerp and is manned by experienced professionals 24/7.

ARYX Services

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