About ARYX

Your Digital Carbon Footprint Consultant

The start

Aryx was founded by David Franck and Tim Sterckx. Two seasoned IT professionals with a passion for innovation. 

The past 25 years we were helping customers with all kinds of datacenter, networking and cybersecurity solutions and then it hit us: we are part of the problem.

We were also selling and implementing solutions that are energy consuming and not sustainable at all…

As they say: if you want to change the world, start with yourself. So we did.

That’s why we have one mission: becoming the biggest consultancy firm in Digital Carbon Footprinting. 

The founders

The alliance

Since the beginning of ARYX, we now are surrounded by a great team of experts.  Since the beginning of ARYX we worked very hard on creating a team of likeminded people. We now are a team of more than 10, all working closely together both in Belgium and Norway - to operate our own datacenters. 

The Team