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ARYX welcomes Jan Mistiaen

Antwerp, 29/03/2021

It is with great pleasure that we would like to welcome Jan Mistiaen to our team as Business Manager. Jan will support our company with the development of our internal structure. He will mainly focus on our processes and procedures in order to provide our customers a high-quality service. Jan will also assist us with the expansion of our market potential.
Jan brings us a wealth of experience and insights of the sector. His knowledge of business processes and procedures will help us become an even more efficient company that will eventually benefit the customer. His expertise in business intelligence and analytics will also be valuable in enabling us to make the right strategic decisions. Due to the growing flow of big data, Jan’s knowledge in this area will strengthen our company in the field of data management and data governance.
Overall Jan gets the message!

Welcome to the team! #aryx # #team #experience #data #datamanagement #quality

Jan Mistiaen