Our mission

Reducing the carbon footprint of your IT


Researches show that 50% of interviewed companies say they have defined an enterprise wide sustainability strategy, however only 18% say they have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy.

Why is that number so low? There are a few roadblocks defined: more than half of the companies are convinced that a sustainable IT solution is hard to implement, and almost 48% thinks the costs are too high and the return on investment is too low.

That’s wrong and negative thinking, all based on their current knowledge.

In fact the benefits of having a sustainable IT solution are significant:

  • Improvement of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) scoring
  • Improvement of brand image
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Tax savings
  • High return on investment


Companies should be more open in using new and different designed technologies. Step away from well known and overly used and marketed solutions, but focus on performance, energy usage and sustainability. Companies should look at the right numbers: performance & energy usage.

About ARYX


How to change

The energy used for operating datacenters often already comes from green and renewable energy sources. But we are convinced that’s not enough.

We need a complete new mindset to tackle the problem at its core: the redesign of the current used hardware and chipsets that are high demanding.

We can reduce the amount of power needed by datacenter hardware where companies can benefit of the lower energy consumption, but also help them save on their energy bills.
Our solutions are cool by design. So your climate control costs can finally be tamed.

Cloud is often considered as a very sustainable solution. People just forget that the cloud is a datacenter on a remote location, hosted by people they don’t know... ARYX offers sustainable cloud infrastructures and solutions. If needed, we can even visit your "cloud". Like they say: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". 

Same is true for security and connectivity solutions such as VPN, SD-WAN, firewalls, cloud and network optimisation.

We are convinced that all current point solutions – and as a result all the hardware appliances – can be combined in 1 single solution. 

Even if customers are not willing to change to new and sustainable solutions, we can also provide help them making their current datacenter being more energy efficient.